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Emergency Dentistry – Frisco, TX

We’re Here to Help with Dental Injuries, Bad Toothaches & More

Woman in dental chair holding cheek

Dental emergencies can happen in an instant, causing inconvenience and worry. Maybe your daughter has stumbled down the stairs and broken one of her new adult teeth, or perhaps you’ve woken up with severe pain in the back of the mouth. At Thrive Dental & Orthodontics, Dr. Nathan Coughlin and Dr. Christine Coughlin are here to assist you with fast emergency care when your family needs it most. Don’t wait – contact us in Frisco, TX.

Exceptional Qualifications & Experience

Drs. Nathan and Christine Coughlin

Dr. Nathan and Dr. Christine are committed to providing every patient with the highest standards of treatment possible, both during regular checkups and last-minute emergency treatment. They have several years of experience in dentistry between them and have personally treated a wide variety of urgent injuries and painful situations. Above all else, they want to help you and your loved ones get back to a regular routine right away.

We’re Here to Help in Record Time

Woman receiving dental exam

Dental emergencies are always a crucial priority for our team. Patients will never have to worry about being told that there are no openings for days or even weeks when contacting Thrive – instead, we will always strive to fit you in on the same day as your initial call, providing immediate relief for pain and formulating a personalized treatment plan as needed for future restoration. If needed, our doctors and team members can also provide guidance over the phone if you’re unable to reach the practice right away.

What Counts as a Dental Emergency?

Woman holding cheek in pain

Below, you can find a list of the most common dental emergencies our office treats, as well as some valuable guidance for how to maintain your situation until you’re able to reach professional help:

  • Bad Toothache – While severe oral pain is typically caused by a serious infection, it’s a good first step to rule out the possibility of stray food caught between the teeth. Floss gently and thoroughly around the affected tooth and rinse the mouth as well. If the discomfort continues, reach out to our office right away. If you choose to take a painkiller in the interim, make sure to NOT place it directly on the oral tissue, as it could cause burning.
  • Object Stuck in the Mouth – Maneuver floss carefully around the object in an attempt to dislodge it. Do NOT use any other tools, especially sharp ones! If you cannot remove it safely, our team will be happy to help.
  • Broken Tooth – Have any large pieces of the tooth come loose? Gather them in a safe container and bring them to the practice. The use of a cold compress can help mitigate any facial swelling that occurs because of the injury.
  • Knocked-Out Tooth – Do you still have the tooth? Try to place it back in its original socket and hold it in place. If this can’t be accomplished, store it in a cup of milk or your own saliva. Contact Thrive Dental & Orthodontic right away, as there is only a very small window of time where reimplantation is possible.

When faced with dental emergencies, we may recommend the followings services as solutions:

Root Canals

Animation of inside of tooth

Are you experiencing a sharp, lingering pain that’s located around a specific tooth? Is there any excessive sensitivity in the mouth when eating hot or cold foods? These are tell-tale signs that a serious infection is taking place. In order to treat the affected tooth and help it remain in your natural smile, our doctors will recommend root canal therapy. With the help of today’s advanced techniques and anesthesia, root canal therapy is very comfortable and successful. We’ll simply eliminate diseased pulp and bacteria from within the tooth before cleaning the area and covering it with a custom-made restoration.

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Metal clasp holding extracted tooth

In a perfect world, Dr. Nathan and Dr. Christine would be able to rescue and restore every natural tooth in danger – but unfortunately, this approach can’t always be a successful reality. If advanced decay or a severe oral injury has occurred, extraction may be the safest choice for struggling patients. Our practice offers sedation dentistry in order to make this service as comfortable as possible, and we will also start working with you immediately on a proper tooth replacement so that your smile can be fully replenished in record time.

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Wisdom Tooth Extractions

X-ray of wisdom tooth prior to extraction

Here’s an interesting fact – many people in today’s world aren’t actually born with wisdom teeth. Truthfully, we no longer need our third molars, and the modern jawbone often doesn’t even contain enough room for them to successfully emerge into an adult smile. Unfortunately, this can lead to severe oral health problems, including impaction (when the tooth is trapped in the bone) and overcrowding. Here in Frisco, our team will be sure to closely monitor the development of these teeth in teenage patients. If we determine that harm is likely to occur in the future, extraction may be recommended as the best option.