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Orthodontics – Frisco, TX

Comprehensive Solutions Result in Happier, Healthier Smiles

Teen girl with braces

Achieving a straighter smile that’s free of crooked teeth and noticeable gaps can positively influence patients’ lives in various ways. Not only are there clear cosmetic benefits, but overall oral health and function tend to improve over time as well. At Thrive Dental & Orthodontics, we’re happy to offer the services of Dr. Nathan Coughlin, a Board-Certified orthodontist who is more than capable of leading children and adults alike through personalized treatment plans that result in dramatic, lasting improvements. If you and your family would like to see Dr. Nathan for a consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact our practice in Frisco, TX.

Phase 1 Pediatric Orthodontics

Little girl with braces on bottom teeth

We highly recommend that parents plan to bring in their children for an initial orthodontic consultation around the age of seven, even if they don’t have all of their permanent teeth. When jaw and tooth alignment problems are present at this young age, Phase 1 Pediatric Orthodontics can be implemented. Through the use of orthodontic appliances, we will provide guidance to the development of your loved one’s smile and prepare them for traditional braces down the road. This early intervention can also dramatically reduce the length of their later treatment, saving valuable time and money.

Traditional Braces

Teen boy with braces

Metal braces have been around for many years now, and their tried-and-true effectiveness can help patients overcome even serious orthodontic problems. Metal brackets will be attached to the tooth surfaces, and elastics will hold orthodontic wires in place across them. The wires exert consistent pressure on the teeth, helping them achieve their new, desired positions over a period of time.

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Clear/ Ceramic Braces

Adult woman with clear braces

Many older patients dread the thought of wearing metal braces for months or even years of their life. Thankfully, there are attractive and subtle alternatives to the traditional orthodontics model that all of us are so familiar with. For instance, clear and ceramic braces are similarly made, but the brackets and wires are crafted from either clear components or tooth-colored ones for a much less noticeable appearance. This means that patients can go about their days with their sense of self-confidence safely intact.

Invisalign® Clear Braces

Woman holding clear Invisalign tray

At Thrive Dental & Orthodontics, we believe that it’s never too late in life for patients to pursue the smile transformations of their dreams – even if they don’t want to wear metal brackets and wires! Invisalign treatment uses clear aligners instead of the traditional braces model, which are very subtle when worn and removable as well for added convenience. Most people that you pass in a day won’t even realize you’re wearing them. They’ll only see the beautiful improvements that follow.

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Acceledent tool

In most cases, the first question a patient will ask us before undergoing the placement of their new braces and/or aligners is “how long will this take?” Here in Frisco, Dr. Nathan understands that speed is a top priority – that’s why he now incorporates AcceleDent technology into orthodontic treatment plans. This device is lightweight, comfortable, and very easy to use. You simply hold it in the mouth and turn on the gentle vibrations for a prescribed period of time, which helps speed up gradual tooth movement. Some studies have shown that the diligent use of AcceleDent can actually reduce the length of treatments by up to 50% on average!

Retainers & Oral Appliances

Little boy holding oral appliance

In addition to braces and aligners, there are various oral appliances that Dr. Nathan may recommend to patients in order to maximize the success of orthodontic treatment. The most common of these is retainers, which are designed to be worn regularly following the removal of braces in order to maintain the smile’s new, improved position and prevent gradual shifting. Others include:

  • Headgear
  • Spacers
  • Positioners
  • Palatal expanders